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Use our geeks like if you were on-site
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Use our geeks like if you were on-site

Management of your business infrastructure can often be a time- and labor-intensive undertaking,

placing strain on already limited IT resources. At GeekNV, our Smart Hands services can eliminate/mitigate this

issue by providing experienced and skilled technicians, freeing up your IT personnel to concentrate on more

mission-critical tasks. Now you can maximize your data center investment by letting our Smart Hands technical

experts act as your on-site eyes, ears, and hands no matter where you are the GeekNV will be there when you can’t,

offering assistance with a full scope of services including remote management, installation, and troubleshooting.


Here is the short list of the service that we could do but it’s not limited:


Asset Management

  • Inventory equipment.
  • Record digital pictures.
  • Record serial numbers and asset tags

Equipment Installation

  • Interface cards
  • Ladder rackin
  • PDUs

Rack and Stack

  • 1,2,4,8 unit device installation
  • Switches, routers and storages
  • Full-service installation and more.

Cabling Services

  • Assemble, install and maintain cabling.
  • Structured cabling.
  • Test/Verify the cable integrity
  • Running the cables and extend from patch panel to equipment.
  • Cable management


  • Provide on-site technical assistance.
  • Test carrier circuits.
  • Preventive walkthrough
  • Hotfix the failed gears

Remote Management

  • Power cycling of equipment.
  • Provide visual inspection of equipment.
  •  Replace or remove equipment.
  • Add, remove or verify a demarcation
  • Properly decommission process
  • Erasing/degaussing the HDDs

Logistics Support

  • Handle equipment receiving,
  • storage and cage delivery.
  • Assist with uncrating equipment from boxes and ship replaced equipment.
  • Move equipment within your space and cabinets.
  • RMA process for failed/faulty parts