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IT solutions for local Businesses
here in Las Vegas

We are responsible for the service we are providing and we have a unique approach to every separete IT case or request. There are no difficult tasks for us! Contact us and we will answer all your questions.
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Package service for Small businesses

Do you have an office and a lot of digital equipment that needs to be taken care of? Subscribe for our services. And we will be in charge for any possible IT support in your office.
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IT Help Desk Services & Support For residential
just $25/month

Please find out our IT plan offer for home residents Covers regular daily IT tasks and trobleshootings
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Our services

Data Center
Smart Hands

& Cable

& Port

Solution &

Datacenter Service
and Support



Computer / Laptop
upgrade and repair - Bring your old Macbook/ iMAC or regular windows laptop or PC and we could tune it up by upgrading the old HDD (cloning all the data over to new and fast SSD drive). Memory upgrade, usually by default your mac has like 2-4 GB of memory we could double or triple it in no time. Do you have the old CD-DVD drive that you don't even use we could convert it to the useful SSD or HDD drive and use it as a storage drive.

Mobile devices
Repair - cracked your iPHONE/iPad screen, not a problem, we do screen replacement. Do you notice that your battery is not fresh like it used to be, please bring it and it will be properly replaced and calibrated.

Support - Antivirus update, drivers update, and other software installation related to your operating system (macOS, Windows or Linux) we all carry and support that.

Solution - Having a problem with your home WiFi and think that it's not fast enough, please give us a call and we will diagnose and analyze what might be an issue. Usually, your neighbors do use the same wifi channel which more likely will interfere with yours we could set it up it adjust properly for you.

Support - Having a problem getting to us, we offer full remote support by utilizing a remote desktop. So you don't need to drive across the city to bring your equipment.

*** Please don't hesitate to give us a call and ask whatever questions you might have. ***
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More about our services

Please choose the service you need from the list
and give us a call or send your message.
If the service you're looking for does not list,
please don't hesitate to ask us.
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MacBook and laptops
upgrade & repair

iMac upgrades & repair

Any iPhone/Ipad
free consultation

Battery Replacement
MacBook, iPhone, iPad

Screen Replacement
MacBook, iPhone, iPad

SSD Installation
and OS updating

Home and small offices
Wifi/LAN solution

BackUp and

Antivirus and other
App Support

Hardware / Software
Installation & Replacement

Support services

About us

We are certified professionals with more than 15 years of direct experience on
a wide variety of technologies, data centers, and the communication field.

Around 5 years of data center experience, including DELL/HP/NUTANIX support,
troubleshooting, and analytical skills. Great teamwork and background in IT
solutions on a turned-key basis with limited or no supervision. Well experienced in
completing many IT projects.

Cisco CCNA, VMware VCP-DCV, CompTIA server+,
DELL PowerEdge, Schneider Electric-DC Power Distribution certified professionals,
and Geek is the right name for us.

Please don't hesitate to give us a call or leave your message.
Andrey L Over 15 years in IT sphere,
NOC Systems and Data
Center support.
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Egor Khorkov Andrey Lyubyh Yesterday helped me with my old mac! It will always help and put your computer on its feet)) thanks again!
Albina n-a Andrew - well done! It can pull your computer equipment from the “other world”.
Anna Zukal What happiness is it when the computer “flies” and works properly! Andrey Lyubyh thanks🙏
Michail H I want to express my gratitude and recommend to everyone Andrey Lyubyh, as a person to whom you can entrust your computer and not worry about the result! She took her Mac twice on a tip to the service, they took the money, but they didn’t fix the cause. After that she turned to Andrey in SinCity_IT and now my baby Mac is cured and “flies”, just like I fly from happiness! 🧚🏻‍♂️ I think many will understand what it is like when the equipment is working properly🥰 In general, I recommend! 👌
Alexandra K I also recommend it👌Excellent master👍 + It can be seen that a person understands and you know what he is doing) a person was born with a computer in his hands))

Do you have questions?

Contact us, and will be answer your questions
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Smart Hands Use our geeks like if you were on-site Моrе
Data center solutions Running, terminating, testing all of types cables. Patch-panels, cable management, path trough etc. Моrе
Our managed IT support services Labeling all computer cables and creating a spreadsheet according to cable location Моrе
Cable works Running, terminating, testing all of types cables. Patch-panels, cable management, path trough etc. Моrе
Racking and stacking Installation servers, PDUs, switches and routers or decommission the old equipment Моrе